Quickly and easily consolidate your web research into custom-formatted reports

Collaborate on, edit, and generate reports, all online


Enter the link to an article and watch the program automatically fill in the article title, publication name, and summary. Other elements can be entered quickly using autocomplete.

Easy editing

Once articles are entered into the program, editing is a breeze. Clean up individual articles, fill in missing info, move them between categories or reports. Sort them by date, publication name, or our own publication ranking.

Easy to Share

Access and distribute a link to your report online or generate a document to share via email.

Seamless Collaboration

With our group accounts, multiple people can work simultaneously on a single report.


As part of your free trial our team will customize your report templates to your exact specifications.

Multiple Sections

Create reports with several sections such as index, summary, and full text. One entry puts the article in the correct place across the entire report.