Turn URLs into client-ready PR reports in minutes, not hours

Automate the creation of clip reports, coverage tracking spreadsheets, media briefs, newsletters and more...

See for yourself how others are saving hours every single month...

"Report Mule has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend putting together clip reports for clients. No worrying about cuttin and pasting fiull articles anymore. Just put the link in the URL line, and voila, it is all captured. The report is very professional and neat, and my clients like it. Definitely makes clipping easier."

--Neal Stein, Technology PR Solutions

"Every day I have lamented having to retype the same language for press breaks, and I knew there had to be a solution to automate parts of it. Lo and behold, it was right here in front of me! I probably save 20 hours a week using Report Mule, so I recommend it to all."

--Andrew Cohen, Impact 24


Enter the link to an article and watch the program automatically generate the publication logo, article title, publication name, author, date, images, summary and text. In addition the Mule will find the Reach and Domain Authority for each publication as well as social sharing data from Facebook.

Easy editing

Once articles are entered into the program, editing is a breeze. You can choose the exact summary text that will display in your final reports.

Easy to Share

Access and distribute a link to your report online, paste directly into an email, or generate a Word Doc, PDF or CSV.

Seamless Collaboration

With our group accounts, multiple people can work simultaneously on a single report.


As part of your free trial our team will customize your report templates to your exact specifications.

Multiple Sections

Create reports with several sections such as index, summary, and full text. One entry puts the article in the correct place across the entire report.